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About Me

Hi everyone! 

My name is Susan. I am a full-time NYC high school teacher who likes to be creative and create things with my hands. I started this small business because I want to make people happy with my products. I started crocheting this year 2021 because this pandemic has took a toll on me (everyone too) and I need something to take my mind off. Crocheting amigurumi became therapeutic to me and calms me down during this whole remote teaching/learning situation at work. 

When my niece was born, I wanted to create something special for her and I stumbled upon a cute amigurumi design on Etsy. I learned a lot through this process and that is how I started this small business. My colleagues were wonderful by supporting me and ordered a couple of custom order to help me grow my business. Now, I want to branch out to the rest of you and hopefully put a smile on yours or someone special.

My products are for all ages and for all genders. I make sure that all parts of my products is safe for children. If the product is for newborns and children under 5 years old, message me so I can replace certain parts to non-choking items.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you adopt one of my Littles today.